How do I convert board games into casino games

  • Thursday, Mar 4, 2021

Today’s article will discuss various issues ranging from explaining types of board games and casino games, their unique features, and how you can convert a board game to a casino game.

Board Games vs Casino Games

Significant games are traditional tabletop games where items are moved strategically to achieve an aim. While it is true that the majority of board games are skill-based games, there are also a few like ludo, where significant luck role. Examples of board games include chess, backgammon, ludo, drafts, chits, scrabble, among others.

Casino games, however, are a combination of cards, dice, number, and electronically generated games usually operated by casino businesses both online and offline. Some excellent casino games include roulette, blackjack, poker, craps, and keno.

Similarities Between Board Games and Casino Games

  • The first similarity is that both games are skill and luck-based. Casino skill games include poker and baccarat, while chess, draughts, and scrabble are skill board games.
  • Also, both games can be played offline and online. There are many online applications where you can enjoy them.


Even though they are both games, slight differences like:

  • Online casino games cannot be used as sports games like board games. You have a chess championship, a scrabble championship, and the likes. But not online casino games, because they tend to be computer-generated, are just pure entertainment.
  • Also, casino games are primarily offered by casino business and are used to make a profit. However, board games can be played between friends, picnics, and school premises.

Kinds of Board Games

Several board games can be enjoyed; categories include:

  • Abstract board games: The types of board games categorized here are games with little or no thematic qualities. Examples include chess, Azul, and drafts.
  • Area control board games: These board games are games where gamer play to dominate one another by removing and adding items. A good example includes scrabble, risk, and small work.
  • Campaign and legacy board games: These games are reactionary. Action in the game usually affects the eventual outcome. Examples include pandemic and legacy.
  • Building decks board games: Games in this category are mainly card games where decks of cards can be customized. Examples are Harry Potter and dominion.
  • Move and roll board games: A classical tournament primary for die lovers. It includes movements based on rolls or series of rolls. Examples are snake and ladder, monopoly.

Categories of casino games

Casino games are grouped into

  • Slot games: There are mechanical games that are offered by many casinos. You need to press a button or push a ledge to activate it. Versions include fruit machines, 3D slots, classic slots, and progressive slots.
  • Table casino games: Table games in casinos are among the most popular games enjoyed by casino lovers. These games include roulette, blackjack, craps, pai gow poker, and baccarat.
  • Video poker: This type of poker is poker games on electronic gaming machines. Popular styles are bonus poker, deuces wild.

Features of board games and casino games

To identify these games, there are some noticeable features they possess.

Board games

Board games are primarily designed for multiple players. Usually, a single person should play these games. Rules attached to board games are easy and straightforward. Even kids can understand the basic strategy involved. Board games have historical and traditional commotion that can be linked with it.

Chess, for example, is connected with the British monarchy, while monopoly has financial management of stocks related to it. There is also this appearance where most board games have rounded, rectangular, and square-shaped.

Casino games

Casino games have various bonuses linked to it, like welcome bonuses, no deposit, and loyalty rewards. Also, slot games are machine games that require the internet. Just pull and push.

Roulette games are all about the bowl and the ball you roll to hit a number.

Converting Board Games into Casino Games

There are several ways to convert your board games into a computer version. However, you need some programming experience and tabletop software like:

  • HTML5 and Javascript
  • SUG and clojurescriot
  • Cardwarden
  • Battlegrounds gaming engine (world for computer systems only)
  • Scirra construct
  • Vassal
  • Cyber board
  • Axiom development kit

The demos of the above software are free but getting the full version will cost around $30. Whichever of the above conversion software you get, kindly follow the procedures below for the conversion process:

  • Download a tabletop simulator: This is available online at $ 29.TTS, as it is popularly called, converts your board game easily.
  • Get a powerful (PCs): Your TTS can only work when you have a system with good rams and hard drive. It is advisable to get a good Mac.
  • Install steam on your simulator: By installing steam, you can easily convert your board game designs and upload them online.
  • Redesign: Make sure you reskin the board game while creating jpg images and use unique components to deter legal issues.
  • Load them in your simulator and upload them: When you are through with the design, kindly go to the properties in your TTS, select the modding folder, and use the deck builder file to finish your work. Click on a new deck, save changes, and export.

This article has been able to discuss several types of board games and casino games, features, and steps in converting board games into casino games.