What makes games special?

Whether you are a fan of games or you just love watching people play, the way they are presented matters a lot. Every developer hopes to create intriguing games that sets itself apart from the bland games in the same genre. He would ascribe greatness to its work, and there lies the difficulty for the online games players. Indeed, there are so many online games and the choice is not always easy to make. To unravel this dilemma, we have researched about this in order to pick out what makes games special. This post is the result of our findings in no particular order.

Exciting Gameplay

A unique game should have spectacular pictures and fascinating stories combined with exciting gameplay actions for players. If this is well created, then the players would have excellent navigation in the various stages of the game.

If you are looking for this type of inspiring gameplay, what comes to mind is Tetris. Players enjoy this game because they can learn it quickly. However, it isn’t easy to become an expert in it, so you keep trying without giving up.

Striking Characters

It does not matter whether you are creating online casino games or other kinds of games to be unique; it must have memorable characters that make players keep playing. The story can be light or heavy, but the characters must be created carefully to be visually attractive and likable by the players. It is arguable, but the characters in your story could go a long way in distinguishing a good story from plain ones.

Fun and Reality

For a game to be unusual or extraordinary, its design must stand out, and it should not have excessive purposeless simulations. There are some games that we know are good, yet they offer assumptions that are not real.

For example, in Sim City, the storyline supports public transportation and gives undue prizes to specific characters, like allowing players too much time to make decisions. In real life, this does not happen, as you don’t have limitless time to do essential things.

A Blend of Reward and Challenge

There should be a perfect mixture of these two factors in an outstanding game. If the game is too difficult, it will lead to frustration and abandonment by the players. Neither should the game be too easy to cause boredom for the players. Any game that meets the factors of what makes a game unique will enable players to face a progression of difficulties that keep them fully engaged as they pursue a goal until they get it.

A Stimulating Story

Most online casino games forums and board games forums reveal that one factor that makes a game special; it’s its story. The prevalent fantasy theme in many games makes players want to succeed when they play that game. The best games that are memorable have exceptional stories.

Most people are moved by exciting stories and unforgettable actors and plots. Games could become an unmatched storytelling avenue. Examples of gripping games with twists are the Mass Effects, a series that keeps you playing and eager to discover how the story ends.

A Unique Style

Following other successful games might be great, but if the game is not the type players are used to playing, because of its uniqueness it could entice all gamers. The developer should add things that would give players new knowledge they haven’t seen or learned before.

For example, a game that has a unique style is the Undertale, a popular role-playing game that was released in 2015. You could play it without killing opponents, and you can make friends with monsters. But you could argue that making friends with demons is not realistic.

Real Level Design

One of the things that makes games unique is that they offer players levels of engaging procedures. If a game is well-designed, its story flows smoothly and rivets the player’s interest to keep tackling difficulties they meet along their virtual journeys. Without a good design, the look and feel and navigation would be difficult and lead to the abandonment of games. An example is the Banjo Kazooie that provides a definitive tile of levels to play.

Brilliant Sounds and Music

The sounds are vital in what makes online casino games, among others, special. If you design a game without this significant part, it might fail to make the right impression on its players. When you play videos, it is the sound that brings the reality of the actors’ actions to viewers. That is what also happens in online games as its soundtrack raises the effects on the players and makes the game more thrilling.


Flexibility is another factor that makes online casino games and any games unique. A game that does not provide easy steps to reach a set target makes that goal challenging and educative. Therefore, any game that reveals the route a player should take to accomplish their purpose is outright boring.

A unique game does not assume that the players are not capable of resolving any difficulty in each stage of the game. The game should provide the opportunity for gamers to get to the end through their plans.


The next vital thing that one expects any games to have is efficient control systems that enable players to move smoothly through the user interface and throughout the game. To improve the usability of a game, developers must take it as an essential factor of what makes a game special. If the developer implements that in a game, players would move smoothly and carry out any action they want without any obstruction.